Pet Bathing

We offer bathing as drop offs Monday-Friday. Saturday and Sunday are by appointment only. Nail trimming and ear cleaning are included in the price of the bath unless there is a condition that requires examination by a veterinarian. Our staff will contact you with this recommendation prior to any exam. Medicated baths are also available upon request, and our veterinarians are available for consultation when dealing with skin conditions. Ideally, baths are checked in by 10 am to allow sufficient time for drying. All pets must be current on vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian.

We also offer limited grooming services by appointment during the week. While we do not do routine grooming, we offer grooming services for geriatric and special needs patients or animals that require sedation for grooming. We offer body clips to cats and dogs for medical purposes. Please contact our staff via phone or via email for a quote today.

Animal Hospital bathing services in Newcastle