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Animal Hospital of Newport Hills is a full-service veterinary care office in Newcastle, WA. Our pet health clinic is devoted to the prevention and treatment of diseases in household pets. We’ve made it our mission to provide veterinary care services that are both thoughtful and informed.

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About our Newcastle Animal Hospital

Mission Statement

Animal Hospital of Newport Hills's mission is to improve the comfort and well-being of patients by providing progressive and compassionate veterinary care.

Core Values

  • Service Exellence
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Goal Orientation
  • Innovation
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Helping Those in Our Community

Gotti’s Story

Gotti, The Dog at Animal Hospital of Newport Hills

Gotti came to us on August 24th 2016 to be euthanized by his owner of 10 years. He was overwhelmed with moving and had a new baby in the household. Dr. Olsen convinced the owner to surrender him into our care and to allow us to find him a forever home as he had a lot of life to live. At the time, he was only 40lbs, had a poor coat, a mass on his leg, and was very anxious of people and his surroundings.

We planned on having him stay with us until he was healthier so that he was fit to go to another family. We removed the mass on his leg and determined overall he was healthy; he just needed to put some weight on. Almost immediately, everyone at the hospital started to connect with him in their own unexpected ways. We began to notice that his social skills with other dogs were very unreliable, we knew then it would be more difficult to re-home him. Everyone put forth the effort to see what triggered him with other dogs, but it was difficult to determine this on our own.

There was one person in the hospital that went above and beyond for Gotti; Emily, who had a connection with him from the very beginning. She contacted multiple organizations that deal with pit bull rescues to help us find him a home, but we never really found a solution for him. It was decided that Gotti needed some training, so Emily set up an appointment for him to see a behaviorist so we could learn more about Gotti, the dog that brought so much happiness to Newport Hills. Many of our clients at the clinic wanted to help and donated money to go towards the appointment for Gotti. Emily worked very hard to train him; she worked with him on lunch breaks everyday. He improved exceptionally fast and it was remarkable to see his progress.

He loved to sit with us during our lunch breaks and watch us eat, participate in eating our food and enjoyed lying in the parking lot lounging in the sun and getting baths. Gotti was great to help clients with demonstrations and training. He has a heart of gold and there is not a day that goes by that we are not thankful we have him. After two years of working and bonding with him, Gotti finally found his forever home! His new owner loves him very much and they are very happy. He gets to go on adventures all the time and sun bathe in his very own back yard. We are very proud of him and his new life journeys. Gotti is still able to visit us at the hospital and the staffs is more then welcome to go see him. We are very honored of the experiences and memories with him. “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

Produce Mama

We have a great fruit and produce stand next door to our hospital. One Friday afternoon two workers came in with a very scared feral mama cat with severe injuries. They had been trying to catch her after she gave birth to kittens. One day she was seen unable to walk and they knew something was very wrong, so they brought her to us. With the help of our doctors and outstanding medical support team, we were able to assess her wounds and do surgery to try and save her life.

Unfortunately, one leg could not be saved but the other gets better each day and she is starting to walk! We have kept her in the hospital so she can fully recover, and since being here she has gone from scared and upset to sweet and lovable.

We have recently found her a new home, and as soon as she is fully healed she will be joining her new family!